Another ransomware called the Petya Ransomware has just gone global

Petya Ransomware affecting critical systems globally.  This new ransomware variant infects Windows operating system computers through the network. That is any computer connected to the internet could be at risk which is why it is spreading quickly across the globe. There is no consensus yet in the security research community, so the following information is provisional in nature.

The ransomware dubbed “Petya.” It likely spreads by using two separate exploits in MIcrosoft office file sharing attribute. You don’t need to click on anything or take any action. The Petya Ransomware is a DLL file that can spread into your system through the network or internet. Which is why it is having such a wide impact.

For the technically minded below video demonstrate how the ransomware takes over your computer, the video creator further goes into technical details of how it infects your computer. Update your virus guards, firewall regularly (in this case immediately) and the virus guard companies are scrambling to make updates to scan and detect this new form or ransomware.



We also know the ransomware DLL needs administrator level access to your computer. Therefore as a workaround for home and simple users create a user with no admin and use that account to work on your computer.