Chrome Remote Desktop

Download the Google Chrome Remote Desktop App from

After downloading chrome and the installation is complete. Follow the below instructions on how to install the Chrome Remote Desktop.

Once Google Chrome is installed login to a Gmail account or create a new GMail account.

  • To install the Chrome Remote Desktop click the tiny menu icon on top right corner in Chrome. Scroll to More Tools > click Extensions

  • In the extensions tab scroll and click on Get more extensions
  • In Chrome web store type “chrome remote desktop” in the search box.

  • Chrome Remote Desktop should be the top item click on ADD TO CHROME. This will install the chrome remote desktop in your Google Chrome browser.

Launch remote desktop

  • Install the App
  • To access the Chrome App click on the Show App button on your Chrome browser
  • Click the Chrome Remote Desktop
  • Make sure you are logged into your Google account (Gmail account). If not you will be prompted to log in to a Google account. If you don’t have one create a Gmail account this will be your Google account.
  • Under the My Computers tab click Enable remote connection.
  • The new window will prompt to you enter a PIN. Note* This needs to be numbers only, alpha characters are not accepted as a PIN.
  • Confirm the PIN in the next window.
  • You are now already to remote access you computer from a remote computer. Note* both computers will need to be logged into the same Google account to access the remote desktop.