GMail search tips

If you have a large GMail box you will indefinitely need to do some search function to find an particular email.

The first thing you should do to categorise and store important emails are to create Labels and assign the emails to these labels. But time to time you may want to search the mail box to find emails so below are some tip in your searches to narrow down what you are looking for.

To search within email in a label use…  label: {Label1 Label2} for single word labels    … label:Label-Three  label:Label-Four for mutiword labels

To find exclude messages from the labels…  -label:Label1

To search for every message that has a label…   has:userlabel

To search for every message that has no label…   has:nouserlabels

To search emails with attachment.. has:attachement

To search in combination…  has:attachement

To search with filename… filename:jpg