Terms of trade

First engagement of the client occurs after our consultant meets with you (the client) and fills out a Web Development Requirement worksheet. This will be used to develop a precise quotation.

  • Please note any quotes that may be mentioned during the meeting is only guide and NOT a formal quotation from MYEASYPC.

Website Development process:

A formal quotation will be prepared by MYEASYPC from information detailed in the requirements worksheet. This will be emailed to the client along with instruction on 50% deposit required to commence work and a expected completion time.

  • Please note the expected time to complete will vary during development. More often than not we complete the work at an earlier time frame.

Work on development will commence upon receiving the 50% deposit for the project. The formal quotation emailed to you will then be used as a binding contract for the project. Any domain names we register included in the hosting will be part of the contract for a minimum of 2 years. You can then sign, scan  and email back to us within 2 day, however this is optional the contract is binding upon receiving the deposit and starting work.

On completion of the project the client will be notified by email with a web url link to the completed website.

On receiving the project completion email the balance 50% is due.

The client is given 3 months from the completion date to add or amend minor content on the website.

  • Please note this is limited to only text and minor image changes.
  • Major functional additions, design work and/or customizing components will be charged on a hourly basis, usually ~ $120/hr.
  • If you decide to leave our hosting the website and database will be provided in a zip file after 2 years of hosting (excluding any free hosting).

If the final payment is not received within 3 days of the completion email notice, the client will be contacted via phone to get an explanation as to why the delay in payment has occurred.

SEO Contract:

After the first engagement of the client a formal quotation will be email to the client. SEO is an on going process with recurrent monthly payments. The duration of the SEO project is decided between MYEASYPC and the client with a minimum of 4 month period.

Upon agreement of the SEO proposal/quotation an invoice will be emailed to the client. Upon payment of the first installment, the SEO proposal becomes effective as an obligatory contract .  Note it is optional for the client to sign and/or email the proposal back to MYEASYPC, the contract become obligatory upon the payment of the first installment.

  • The payment installments are made via PayPal subscription payments. The client is required to sign in or use a Credit Card with PayPal to make the first payment.
  • Direct debit payment are made via PayPal until the contract period is completed.
  • On completion of the contract period the client can continue the SEO service on a monthly basis. Must advice MYEASYPC should the client decide to discontinue SEO.
  • Cancellation must be in writing via email with a 21 day notice period.

Google Apps Deployment:

After the first engagement of the client a formal deployment proposal will be email to the client. The Google Apps deployment work will commence once the initial setup fee is received.

  • Domain qualification, admin console setup, user setup, data migration processes will be carried out with this work.
  • Upon dual email delivery setup, Google Apps monthly payment is payable via PayPal using a company Credit Card or PayPal Account.
  • Upon stakeholder agreement MX records will be updated and the organization go live on Google Apps.
  • The monthly fee will be auto debited via PayPal. To receive uninterrupted service it is the clients responsibility to update any changes in their account or credit card details within PayPal.
  • Inform MYEASYPC of any issues, none payment will result in suspension of the business email service.

Hosting Fee

All our websites are hosted and maintained by us on our third party web servers. We reserve the right to choose the server configuration and the service provider that best suits our demand. The servers may be located globally usually in USA. We monitor and maintain the web servers 24/7 to provide an uptime level of 95%. If we fail to provide this you can request MYEASYPC for a hosting discount when your hosting fee is due.

  • Hosting invoice is due annually. We allow you time to pay however the client must communicate with us and let us know the expected date of payment.
  • None payment of the invoice can result in debt collection on the invoice then progress to suspension of the website, suspension of the email service then deletion of the website and domain.
  • If you decide to pay an unpaid invoice let us to reinstate the website. If the website is reinstated you will be liable to be invoiced for the hosting annually and any extra costs associated.
  • If you do not want the website any longer please inform us at least 4 weeks prior to renewal. If no invoice is generated you are not liable to pay a hosting fee.


Payments NOT Received:

If delays in payments or final settlement are occurred without an agreed reason the client will incur a late service fee of up to $125 maximum, if payment is not received after 4 weeks we reserve the right to delete or suspend your website or service without further notice. Further any deposit will be completely forfeited and to reinstate the website or service the client will  be charged another 50% of the total quotation plus any other costs we deem necessary for the re-installation. We also reserve the right to engage debt collection and legal proceedings as deem necessary. Any costs associated with such action will be passed onto the client should this occur.

That being said we are a very flexible company and we always work with our clients for the best outcome including providing longer time to pay up to 2 weeks, install payments up to 8 weeks and other agreed arrangements. Communication is the key, respond to our emails in time as we do not account for client delays. Please note flexible payments are only available to clients hosting with us.
Note*  We reserve the right to add or amend this document at anytime without notice. It is your responsibility to keep up to date with this document.  For more details  Terms of service and privacy | Terms of trade | Disclaimer 

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