Top tips for google ranking


1. Search results of a website can be significantly influenced by the meta data of the website and content of the landing page. Meta data are embedded within meta tags, these are HTML tags that convey snippets of text describing the page content to Google crawlers. Google crawlers can be thought of as computer programs that Google implements to search the world wide web which reads and indexes websites and webpages. The indexed results are then presented in the Google search page with the website address. A more unknown fact is, Google also utilizes human readers to search and give manual indexes websites along with the crawlers.


Meta tags don’t appear on the page itself, but are only embed within the page HTML code. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  for your website can be greatly helped by having the correct meta tags. There are 3 main meta tags are essential to be embedded into your website. These are your Title tag, Keyword meta tag and Description meta tag.

2. How to check a websites met tag. Using any of the main 3 browsers, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge hold the CTRL key and press “U”, this shows you the source code of the webpage. You can now search for the title, keywords and description tags if they are present.


Your Title tag: The tag <title> length optimal is 65 characters aim for 65 characters including spaces.

Within a website may appear as:

<title>A skilled web design agency Melbourne with local SEO Melbourne</title>

Your Description meta tag: The meta description tag length is optimal between 150-160 characters.

With the website may appear as:

<meta name=”description” content=”MYEASYPC is a premium provider of web design, local SEO Melbourne n Google apps for business. For affordable website design Melbourne | affordable SEO Melbourne” />

Your Keywords meta tag: This is the most important meta tag in SEO which search engines such as Google picks up when a search term is entered. It is best to use a SEO company that has the knowledge to research and tell you what keywords you should optimize your website on.

Within the website may appear as:

<meta name=”keywords” content=”affordable website design melbourne, affordable seo melbourne, local seo melbourne, web design agency melbourne, google apps melbourne” />


Download or read the full pdf MYEASYPCs Top Tips for Google Ranking